About Us

TCRC | Tazewell County Resource Centers

TCRC offers a wide array of programs and services that benefit persons with developmental disabilities and visual impairments who live and work in our community. The agency operates eleven facilities located in Tazewell County, Illinois. Job training and placement, goal-oriented therapy, case management, day programs, help for the visually impaired, vocational services, homelike residential programs, and our new Springboard program, all have an important place in the TCRC goal of "Caring for Special People…Birth to Seniors."

Our Mission

We are committed to supporting a life of choice for individuals with disabilities.

President's Letter

Dear Friends, Families, and Stakeholders of TCRC

We are entering some very exciting, but challenging, times at TCRC, Inc. As the state budget continues to raise questions, we are looking into ways to provide services to people with disabilities and visual impairments and not have to rely solely on state funding. To ensure this venture, we are investigating projects such as expansion of our Taste of TCRC program through food cart sales, increasing our janitorial program, and increasing special events and public relations to inform central Illinois about the exciting services that we have to offer.  We are also very excited and proud of our community Springboard programs!  Times are changing in the field and to be able to offer community services for everyone interested is a win-win.

We have finished our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan to share our vision for the future. This vision is made up of our identity, the direction we are moving, the commitments we are making, and initiatives on how we intend to get there. This plan includes a lot of detail but also keeps our Mission at the forefront: We are committed to supporting a life of choice for individuals with disabilities.

Your support of our programs and services is always welcome. We currently serve close to 1000 people annually with disabilities and visual impairments in central Illinois in over 20 programs. Your support will help us continue to fulfill our mission in these challenging economic times.

I look forward to the challenges ahead at TCRC, Inc. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Together, we all can "Care for Special People…Birth to Seniors."


Jamie Durdel, M.A.
President & CEO
TCRC, Inc.