The Springboard Program focuses on the individual’s needs and goal through life training skills, vocational skills, socialization, communication,and continued education through community involvement. A mixture of classroom training and community integration with a large focus on partnering with businesses and other organizations to volunteer, job shadow and work in groups, all with the purpose of helping individuals explore their community and find their place in it.


Community Day Services

Community Day Services, (CDS), helps adults with disabilities to become more independent and self-sufficient.  Individual programs and services include Adult Day Services, Pre-vocational Services, Work Readiness training and the Seniors Program.

An individualized, structured,and goal-oriented curriculum has been designed to develop, maintain and maximize an individual’s community integration skills, work skills, self-care and emotional growth, socialization, communication and education.


Jenny Cruit

Director of CDS, Highland Street

Kristie Betson

Director of CDS, Newlun Center

Employment Services

Employment Services works to secure community employment for adults with developmental disabilities. Workers may be placed in Supported Employment (with supervision) or Competitive Employment (with limited supervision). The goals of the program are to provide training for the whole person, find the “right job match,” and strive to make individual clients as independent as possible in their jobs.

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Kensi Ramos

Employment Services Coordinator